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Kristina Hall: Hunters cheat with the s ...

Improper and excessive population figures have for many years been recognized in SLU:s annual "Wolf Inventory Report". A knowledgeable inventory officer at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency noticed these errors from SLU and were then taken away from their duties. It reveals Kristina Hallin who worked with wolves- and carnivores in 12 years. Text: Kristina Hall | Photo (tv): SVT Debate from the 6:e nov 2014 […]

Wolf or löshundsjakt?

Wolf or löshundsjakt? And, it is the central and most vexed question in the ongoing debate predators. The wolf will always seek out and establish themselves in areas where there are moose because moose constitute food. For areas with moose seek out even hunters, requiring to conduct löshundsjakt. Kravet bygger inte i första […]

Fatal wolf attack is still a ...

Three years have passed but the case is still unsolved. How could Kolmårdens tame wolves kill the attendant fed them with baby bottle? When Lars Berge seeking answers, he finds a fairy tale about man's vain attempts to tame nature. Jag hann få en skymt av grå päls och ett par gula ögon mellan granarna när vi […]

“Rather than worthy compromises ...

SSNC has followed with great interest the discussions on the wolf in this region and would like to make the following. We think it is sad to receive and landowners at Molstaberg hit. Such should not have to happen when we have such a good knowledge of the wolf and its behavior. Vi tycker samtidigt att det är dystert att vargtiken i reviret sköts […]

Moderates want to have extended hunting license p ...

The aggregate predator pressure in Gavleborg and other Sweden today is large and affects pasture mill and hunt in the area, write two M-politicians, on whose voice it is therefore a decision was taken on increased hunting license. Sweden and Gävleborg has beautiful scenery and many animals such as wolf, the brown bear and the golden eagle. Vargen är dock ett djur som skapar oro och […]

Fårföretagarna has become more of wolves ...

Sture Johansson, LRF-chairman of Mälardalen, and representatives of the farming and sheep industry, traumatises wolf problem on the high side when in a letter to the editor (EN, 22 August) mean that people no longer dare to invest or continue operations - or even like to stay in wolf areas. Man kunde förvänta sig att dessa representanter hade bättre kunskap om sin egen […]

Dare to refuse to hunt wolves

Hunters refuse to hunt wolves if not free launching introduced. Let wolf hugs take care of the problems which will certainly. One advice - way up high and secure fence around the nursery. >>> Letter to the Editor on lt.se

Fårnäringen växer, trots vargen

In the middle predator management area, which houses more than 90 percent of wolves, the number may be increased by 47 per cent since the turn of the millennium… With wolves farmland reduces the number of grazing animals and thus biodiversity, argues Michael Gemsiö in a debate article (27/8). He seems to seriously argue that the decline of biodiversity important mulbetet, det […]

“C exaggerating drama with S ...

The move that the Centre Party Gnesta, Nykvarn and Södertälje has made excessively powerful formulated. They think it was good that the provincial government has given the green light to the culling of one of the adult wolves in Sjundareviret. But they also want the County Administrative Board in Stockholm and Södermanland should give the green light to cull to shoot the rest of the wolf family. The […]

Open letter to Asa Romson

WAS (Wolf Association Sweden) finds it shocking that Governor Chris Heister over the heads of their own officials arbitrarily tore up the county administrative board's unanimous decision not to grant the application for controlled hunting of wolves in the so-called Sjundareviret Järna area. Governor Chris Heistner has previously been connected to the LRF and it is startling […]

Rör inte vargen

It is scandalous that a modern company Molstabergs farm, can not protect his sheep. They have known for a long time - all winter - they are next door to a wolf pairs that have their territory where. The wolves have kids - under the picture that shows the female's teats - probably the wildlife out in the surrounding area. En varg är […]

It is lust murder, not trapping

I'm getting very tired of Värmlanders, who do not have an understanding of ecosystems and the biology. Instead, they look completely to their own benefit, own pleasure (Pursuit), and an exaggerated fear of what one does not know. Classic Värmland where SD is overrepresented, Nazism had högfäste late 30-40 centuries. Man has systematically exterminated animals that compete with the hunt, vi […]

This idea will not wolf debater ...

Ingen vet exakt hur många vargar det finns i Sverige, but it is probably a few hundred, hunted regularly, both legally and illegally. Should the wolf extinction - like the wolf haters advocates? Or, Sweden will have a few thousand wolves - wolves that hugs want? Diskussionen är uppenbarligen oproportionerligt uppskruvad, inte minst på nätet. Medvetna […]

Har vi fått en ny art här i landet?

Har vi fått en ny art här i landet? Ja allt tyder på det och den nya arten borde då benämnas Homo Stupidus (Den korkade människan). På svenska kallat Jägare. På åttiotalet gick svenska jägareförbundet ut och sa att Sverige kunde hysa c:a 12.000 vargar för att jägare och varg skulle kunna samsas om älgen. […]

Insändare ang.Vi är upp till 3...

30 stycken jägare letar nu i skogarna runt Ockelbo efter två vargar.Samma vargar som för ett par veckor sedan påstods vara så oskygga att befolkningen hade svårigheter att hålla dom utanför sina hem.Nu säger man att det är för dåligt med spårsnö för att man ska kunna få korn på och skjuta dessa vargar.Nyss var […]

Jägarna verkar tro att de kan ...

The Predators are better stewards of ungulates. As I see it, those who are really skilled hunters are those who can hunt without means to release their gpsförsedda dogs loose for hunting. Jag anser att löshundsjakten måste förbjudas då denna jaktform stressar viltet samt är till för stor nackdel för vargen då dessa enbart försvarar […]

“The wolf is not threatening - ...

Benny Sellberg: “This behavior is indeed consistent with having gun license, hunting license and so on?” I have taken the debate regarding the need for a viable wolf population and then highlighted how wrong and illegal just ended licensed hunting of wolves is. Jag visade på hur man överdriver och vill få vargen till en fråga som ställer […]

Benny Sellberg: ”Våldsjakten på varg ...

DEBATE. We all see now a wildlife management that do not work, yes operated so badly that animals and nature damage. Hunters Association who holds the overall mission has clearly demonstrated that everything they do is in order to increase the already large ungulates tribes and reduce competitors for prey by shooting away large and small predators. Of […]

Stoppa utrotningen av svenska vargar ...

DEBATE. Now control the hunters of Swedish people's will, of EU law and of international environmental commitments on predators. Using E. Erlandsson (C), the hunters penetrated into the authorities beslutsrum. They have become decision makers at the County Administrative Boards chairs, of the authorities that have the Swedish people assigned to manage and protect our environment! Det kallas för […]

Vargen är en rödlistad art i Sverige,...

It is perfectly possible to have wolf territories east of the reindeer husbandry year round chips. Therefore, they could spread through northern Sweden, so that the Swedish wolves to be able to make contact with the Gulf of wolves which is a very necessary requirement. The Swedish wolves is based solely on five individuals. This has led to their 25 […]


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Kill the wolves 2016

Sweden; 42 pieces

Updated 2016-12-30

License Hunt. 2 jan-15 feb. 13 pieces
The hunt in Dalarna completed the 20/1-16

Dalarna / Lövsjöreviret
7/1. 1Male
6/1. 2 He is
3/1. 2 He is + 1 only
2/1. 1 Male

hunting called off. 6 wolves shot
9/1. 1 Hanvarg +1 only
8/1. 2 Mat + 1 Hanvarg
5/9. 1 Hanvarg

Norway; 6 st
Finland; 78 st (Hunting license 2016 19 st)

Kill the wolves 2014-15

Sweden; 71st
Norway; 13st
Finland; 48 st
Updated 2015-12-31
( 142 Scandinavian wolves killed this year)

Culling JAMTLAND & gt;
> 3 wolves shot, 15/2
> 1 wolf shot, 24/2
Licensed hunting 2015
45 Wolves !!
10 wolves shot in Värmland, area 1. 28/1
14 wolves shot in Värmland, area 2. 28/1
12 +1 wolves shot in Orebro, 1/2
4 wolves shot in Dalarna, area 1. 28/1
4+1 wolves shot in the Dalarna region 2. 28/1
2 avräknade p.gr.av sakbbangrepp

Total: 45 kill wolves during the hunt t.o.m 1/2 -15

3 st. hunting suspected crime. 5, 7 January 2015

Tatalt 2014. 48 Pieces

2013 > 33 st. + 14 st. Norwegian
2012 > 56 st. (+ 5 unborn)
2011 > 40 st.
2010 > 60 st.

See page; Compilation kill wolves that you can find under menu "WOLF"

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Wolf Manifestation in Stockholm 7/3 2015

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