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WAS skriver till EU! "EXTREMELY URGENT!"



Dear EU commissioner Mr Janez Potočnik, Mr Liam Cashman and whom else this concerns!

WAS have some serious and sad updates that we unfortunately have to inform you about.
With this email we will send several documents, that shows how Sweden misleads all about
the size of our wolf population. I have been contacted by a woman Kristina Hallin, who
brought to my attention that the report the state/EPA uses made by SLU amongst others is
very strange. She have studied our wolves for 10 years and have made her own research on
this and we will forward that with this letter along with the very report. I made a little test to
see what the truth about our population was really. With that I called Linn Svensson at
Viltskadecenter at SLU who is one of the authors in the report. To ensure that facts can
never be changed I recorded that conversation and I will forward that sound file to you as

I asked very simple questions in Swedish and you can get a Swedish speaking interpreter to
translate the actual conversation for validation of what I h ereby state. I asked her if we as
report says have 300 wolves in Sweden. She started by saying nae its about 350 with the
ones that live on the border to Norway. I simply informed her, that wolves on the border live
in no man’s land and my sole interest was the very Swedish wolves. She agreed that yes then
we have according to them and their report 300 if that is what report states. As anyone can
see that is exactly what the report says. I move on to ask about the 44 deceased wolves the
talk about under 4.4 on page 15 in their report, have they deducted those from the actually
living wolves in Sweden? Her answer is NO. I continue to then state ok, so with my simple
math that comes down to 256 wolves in Sweden and Linn Svensson confirms that if that is
how I prefer to count then yes, that would mean 256 actual live wolves in Sweden. She also
carries on about how the 44 diseased wolves are not the only ones, they know more died,
they just didn´t find them. That clearly makes 256 wolves a hopeless overly optimistic dream
in the middle of this entire disaster as well then.

Since some politicians etc. in Sweden keep claiming we have 350 - 400 wolves and the new
“Bill to Kill” passed that speaks about a 270 wolves are fine to keep a healthy sustainable
wolf population, I can simply clarify we don’t have the 270 even here and the recording
proves that beyond any doubt what so ever. Now EPA have published on their website news
that the limit of 270 is a “lowest number where warning lamps need become activated” so
that the wolves will not become endangered or extinct according to their new standards
after the parliament passed the new bill. And yet I will with this email send you a map of
hunting territories where EPA already plan to have licensed hunt on wolves this winter now.
This has in other words already become our endangered predator’s complete doomsday.
With simple math this will now come down to 250 wolves minus 80 when slaughter is done
this winter, equals devastating 170 wolves at its best then.
Here is the hunting dates and the number of endangered predators our state already have,
and now will continue to slaughter:

47 Swedish killed wolves this year. Hunt is now suggested on wolves in Värmland-Varnäs,
Medskogen, Trång, Kläggen, Brattfors, Gräsmark, Acksjön and Karlstad between 17 Jan – 15 Febr Örebro-Kindla, Villingsberg and Hedbyn between 1 Febr – 15 Febr. Dalarna-Äppelbo and Aamäck between 1 Febr – 15 Febr. A total of 80 planned wolves are to be slaughtered
this winter, and we now know that we likely have less than 250 wolves here.
Other predators/ animals are 2200 bears, 950 Lynx, 250 Wolverines, and 50 nesting Golden Eagles.
A total of 3530 endangered animals. This comes down to one thing and only one thing,
namely a complete bloodbath in our Swedish forests.

WAS can’t begin to put words on the grave concern we have regarding this whole matter
and we will provide map for hunting territories on wolves. We will also provide the results
from Kristina Hallin, the report from SLU and the sound file that proves exactly what we
claim to be correct. Should there be any problems with transfer of the sound file please let
us know immediately so we can try to find another way to get that to you since this is
extremely urgent the whole matter. The wolves now desperately need strong and fast action
to stop this slaughter and honestly EU seem to be the last hope left now. WAS urge you to
take action immediately please. As always thank you for taking the time with our updates
and information.
Yours sincerely

Carola Ankar
Vice president, international contact and press contact for WAS / Wolf Association Sverige.
Company Ingen; 802454-4846

URGENT To EU Comm regarding nr of wolves in Sweden

>Lyssna på WAS intervjuv med Linn Svensson, SLU

Samtal med Linn Svensson SLU


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