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Swedish hybrid wolf dog a myth

There are rumors that the wolf population includes hybrids between dogs and wolves but extensive studies of wolf researcher at SLU and their Norwegian colleagues show that it is not true. - We have better genetic information about the Scandinavian wolf population than is available about any other wild predator population in the world, says Johan Månsson, researcher at the Department of Ecology at SLU.

The Scandinavian wolf researchers working together on research Skandulv. Since 1983 they have collected DNA from more than 1 200 individuals, including five of the seven wolves who founded the population of Scandinavia (DNA profiles on the other two have been reconstructed with the DNA of their offspring). The samples were collected from dead and living wolves (blood and tissue) and from droppings, urin och hår.– Med all denna information kan vi rekonstruera ett släktträd och spåra individers ursprung och släktskap ända till de vargar som grundade populationen, says Johan Månsson, koordinator för Skandulv.DNA-analyser gör det möjligt att särskilja revirhävdande par, confirm the rejuvenation of the territories and to identify and monitor individuals of particular interest (For example, immigrants from the Finnish-Russian population).The results show that the first two founders of the Scandinavian wolf population is derived from the Finnish-Russian wolf population. They were not descendants of any remnant of the original Scandinavian tribe or from wolves in zoos or hybrid offspring between wolves and dogs. The remaining five wolves who immigrated more recently also derived from the Finnish-Russian wolf population. Även där kunde inblandning av hund uteslutas.Däremot är det riktigt att vargar kan hybridisera i det vilda med flera arter inom hunddjurfamiljen, däribland hundar.– Men alla tillgängliga data tyder på att det är extremt sällsynt, säger Johan Månsson.I Skandinavien finns ett enda fall dokumenterat. The female is a and a dog had puppies in Norway 1999. Three of the five hybridavkommorna were killed and none of the two remaining pups were found again during 15 years of inventories and DNA analysis. Single hybrids between wolves and dogs have been identified genetic markers in Latvia. Some cases are also reported from including Bulgaria, Italy and the Iberian Peninsula. It is also known that there have been historically. So, for example, has the black color available in some North American wolves originated from dogs, perhaps introduced to North America 12 000-14 000 years.

Read the full article here:https://www.slu.se/Documents/externwebben/nj-fak/ekologi/forskning/skandulv/skandinaviska-vargarnas-ursprung.pdf>>> SLU


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Kill the wolves 2016

Sweden; 42 pieces

Updated 2016-12-30

License Hunt. 2 jan-15 feb. 13 pieces
The hunt in Dalarna completed the 20/1-16

Dalarna / Lövsjöreviret
7/1. 1Male
6/1. 2 He is
3/1. 2 He is + 1 only
2/1. 1 Male

hunting called off. 6 wolves shot
9/1. 1 Hanvarg +1 only
8/1. 2 Mat + 1 Hanvarg
5/9. 1 Hanvarg

Norway; 6 st
Finland; 78 st (Hunting license 2016 19 st)

Kill the wolves 2014-15

Sweden; 71st
Norway; 13st
Finland; 48 st
Updated 2015-12-31
( 142 Scandinavian wolves killed this year)

Culling JAMTLAND & gt;
> 3 wolves shot, 15/2
> 1 wolf shot, 24/2
Licensed hunting 2015
45 Wolves !!
10 wolves shot in Värmland, area 1. 28/1
14 wolves shot in Värmland, area 2. 28/1
12 +1 wolves shot in Orebro, 1/2
4 wolves shot in Dalarna, area 1. 28/1
4+1 wolves shot in the Dalarna region 2. 28/1
2 avräknade p.gr.av sakbbangrepp

Total: 45 kill wolves during the hunt t.o.m 1/2 -15

3 st. hunting suspected crime. 5, 7 January 2015

Tatalt 2014. 48 Pieces

2013 > 33 st. + 14 st. Norwegian
2012 > 56 st. (+ 5 unborn)
2011 > 40 st.
2010 > 60 st.

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Wolf Manifestation in Stockholm 7/3 2015

WAS demonstration Sthlm Miljödep.

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