Wolf Association Ruotsi

WAS is under heavy attack from hunters and wolfhaters.


They have filed policecomplaint on 2 comments made bu commentators on WAS page about Samis´s.

Then they went to the Sami radio and made a huge deal about it bashing WAS. After that the comments have escalated to be about people from Somalia etc, and they are trying very hard to make WAS appear racist. The sad thing for themselfs is that WAS have found chats where they clearly planned this whole thing 4 days before radio even went out with it, and take a wild guess….

THEY SPEAK ABOUT WAS APPELAS in the middle of it all, in other words the way it looks now is WAS appelas have them terrified they wont be able slaughter wolves as they please because that is what they want to stop according to the chat we found and that chat involves the very person who filed the policereport and went to media.
This gets more and more interesting by the minute, and I hope to God they fully understand what the material WAS have found can do to harm their own agenda. Needless to say WAS filed a counter complaint with about 50 printscreens with all from threat against the life of the boss/state employee at EPA, to how they discuss how they are on the way to Junsele torid the shitright before Susi and her partner disappeared.
WAS will not back down, we will however keep collecting material since a very nasty agenda on their part is surfacing based on what we found so far.
WAS will not stop fight for the wolves no matter what .

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Tapa sudet 2016

Ruotsi; 42 kappaletta

Päivitetty 2016-12-30

Lisenssi Hunt. 2 jan-15 helmikuu. 13 kappaletta
Hylkeenpyynti Taalainmaalla valmistunut 20/1-16

Dalarna / Lövsjöreviret
7/1. 1Mies
6/1. 2 urokset
3/1. 2 urokset + 1 vain
2/1. 1 Mies

metsästys perui. 6 susia shot
9/1. 1 miehen wolf +1 vain
8/1. 2 matto + 1 miehen wolf
5/9. 1 miehen wolf

Norja; 6 st
Suomi; 78 st (metsästyslupa 2016 19 st)

Tapa sudet 2014-15

Ruotsi; 71st
Norja; 13st
Suomi; 48 st
Päivitetty 2015-12-31
( 142 Sudet tappoivat tänä vuonna)

Lopettaminen JÄMTLAND & gt;
& Gt; 3 susia shot, 15/2
& Gt; 1 ammuttu, 24/2
Lisenssi metsästys 2015
45 Sudet !!
10 susia ammuttiin Värmland, alue 1. 28/1
14 susia ammuttiin Värmland, alue 2. 28/1
12 +1 susia ammuttiin Orebro, 1/2
4 susia ammuttiin Taalainmaan, alue 1. 28/1
4+1 susia ammuttiin Taalainmaalla 2. 28/1
2 avräknade p.gr.av sakbbangrepp

Koko: 45 tappaa susia aikana metsästää t.o.m 1/2 -15

3 st. metsästys epäillään rikoksesta. 5, 7 Tammikuu 2015

Tatalt 2014. 48 Pieces

2013 & Gt; 33 st. + 14 st. Norja
2012 & Gt; 56 st. (+ 5 syntymätön)
2011 & Gt; 40 st.
2010 & Gt; 60 st.

Katso sivu; Kokoelma tappaa susia, jotka löydät alla valikko "WOLF"

Kuinka monta sutta me tarvitsemme ? Linda Laikre

Wolf Manifestation Tukholmassa 7/3 2015

WAS esittelyn Sthlm Miljödep.

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