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Was open letter to Governor Chris Heister

Stop culling in Sjundareviret


The picture shows two of sjundavalparna.Bild taken by Lst:s game camera.

Years 2014 formed two wolves territory in Sjundareviret and provincial government held a briefing for residents and owners in the area. We assume that gave information on how best to protect their animals and how to reduce the risk of conflict between humans and predators.

The farm closest territory is Molstabergs farm. When the wolf became established in the area where the fence around the farm's pastures completely substandard. County Board went there and helped put up the night with lapptyg pens where the sheep can stay at night, then the risk of attack is greatest. These were, however, down almost immediately by the owners which indicates a reluctance from the outset to meet the County Board.

It is evidenced by Bjorn Aschan, estate agent, as Sweden Radio the 11 Last November, says that the fences “are excellent when it comes to keeping the sheep inside, as is our obligation under the Animal Welfare Act. We have no obligation to keep the wolf out there.”

In another interview with Bjorn Aschan, (EN, 30 september 2015) when the female wolf was shot, he says: "It was about time. When the provincial government can not provide such conditions for protective that we can get rid of the wolves, it is with great satisfaction we hear that one of them has been shot in other ways”.

The entire matter with Molstaberg have become prestige. Instead of further reviewing solutions and meet each other, the board has fallen back to go on Molstabergs line to shoot a red-listed species to the farm do not believe they have an obligation to keep the wolf away from his sheep.

The sheep on Molstaberg taken in over the winter and everything was quiet. During this time the male wolf disappeared without a trace from the territory and only puppies were left.

It was the alpha pair that stood for most fårattackerna last year - the puppies were not old enough to hunt themselves. Therefore, one can not put the puppies to the load for the attacks.

When will in August be moved to death pasture, where it has not yet commenced the building of predator repellent fence, was a wolf attack almost immediately. This should not come as a surprise when the pasture was easily accessible to the wolf, just as before. It is the first and only attack on the sheep.

From Molstabergs side should have been proactive and have predicted that an attack was imminent when they themselves have not done the necessary measures to prevent a possible attack. This, of course, provided that the purpose was not the reverse, to have a reason for culling who constantly propagated in different ways.

It has also come to our attention that Molstabergs lawyer and spokesperson, Bjorn Aschan been with the County Administrative Board meeting. How to get to the impartial decision on allowing a representative from Molstaberg to sit with where decisions just mentioned farm to be taken? Very odd.

In addition, the decision was taken contrary to well-informed predators knowledgeable experts recommended. Protection Hunt has since been extended throughout the summer and fall.

We would like to get answers to the following questions:

• Why was sitting Molstabergs lawyer with the County Administrative Board's meetings where important decisions were taken?

• Why were extended protection hunt when there had not been any attacks in eight months?

• Why progress yet protectively, when the sheep are stolen piece for winter?

• Why do you have over your own experts in predator issues? This was also the protection pursuit of male.

• culling is to, inter alia, to shoot a single malicious individual who caused a problem. How has the provincial government identified the wolf as the damage done, and how do the hunters the wolf they should shoot? It's not the provincial government meaning that one should protect the wolf hunt anything that happens to be in the area? In this case expires purpose of protecting the race in its entirety.

The sheep will be set for winter, if they are not already installed in their, and thus is the basis for protecting the hunt no longer applicable. Therefore, we believe that protecting the pursuit of Molstaberg should be stopped without delay.

Per Dunberg

President, Wolf Association Sweden

Ronny Firm

spokesperson, Wolf Association Sweden



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