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A new predator management
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A responsible predator policy
Motion 2012/13:MJ259

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Motion 2011/12:MJ470 av Maria Ferm m.fl. (MP)

A long-term viable wolf population

MP) A long-term viable wolf population MP2107 Proposal for parliamentary decision Parliament announces to the government as its opinion that stated in the motion that do not allow licensed hunting of wolves. The Swedish Parliament had previously decided that the wolf population would become long-term viability, and licensed hunting contrary of course to the.

date: 2011-10-05, MP2107, Hit Safety: 82.55% (id 3348768)

Lena Ek discuss wolves in Brussels

Norran 20120710

New assignment in order to achieve viable population of predators

The Government decided today on a new mission to the Environmental Protection Agency. The mission is about to take up the minimum viable population of wolves, bear and lynx in order to facilitate discussion of good conservation.

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Open letter to politicians

WAS opinion about Lena EKS gambit of wolf. 20121021

WAS Brev

Lena Ek on predator policy En Hunters Association Seminar
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Peter Egardt new Chairman of the Committee for sustainable predator policy was
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1) Eskil Erlandsson, ( C ) minister, responsible for agriculture- and agricultural issues. Have a responsibility for wolf issues through his ministry and two agencies under them are responsible for parts of the affecting wolves; reindeer, the majority, then you may not have wolves in the reindeer herding areas in Sweden, which closes 50 % of the land area of ​​the wolf – which, however, is expected to migrate from the east hit. In fact, the thief pushed or with lax culling decisions allowed the elimination of all wolves in renområden. Erlandssons SVA, State Veterinary Institute has also helped to put themselves in wolf issue through scare tactics about tapeworm save siten östvandrande wolves – as “playing Russian roulette with the Swedish Public Health” as a veterinarian expressed themselves “sober” (see below).

Lena Ek 2) Andreas Carlgren, ( C ) Environment which gave f d centrist Secretary Ake Pettersson the task of drawing up a plan for a new carnivore management 2008 (Predators and their management SOU 2007:89) which established that the purpose of predator management is to be “adaptive” ie create acceptance among rural areas and to put ceilings on the number of predators in different species should be. With SOU:n in his hand went Carlgren to media, Parliament and the Environmental Protection Agency and gave them the task of producing a report on the SOU:n be enforced. Although one should be professional in their profession should be noted that Carlgren's husband is from the deepest Norrbotten and from a family that hunts. This means of course that there is a risk of bias in the predator's decision although it need not be so. No journalist has ever dared to touch on this aspect.
3) Åke Pettersson ( C ) overall 2006 several researchers and experts many of whom left after finishing work a specific opinion on the points that they could not endorse. The criticism from the Environmental Protection Agency's expert Robert Franzen was about, among others. Hunters Association unclear but the actual position of power in all carnivore management, and that no impact assessment is in place for the new predator management, etc.. Lotta Samuelson WWF notes that it has not incorporated the draft Art- and the Habitats Directive, and not taken into account the calculation bases, For example, instead of the number of animals having a ceiling for the number of animal attacks as a guideline for action.
4) Olof Liberg, who has a doctorate in felines research, leading wolf bills Norwegian Swedish
Skandulv and now had a role as a large statistical expertise both in the Department of the Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency's eyes. Also sits as a research leader at Grimsö.
Libergs research has been severely criticized from several quarters for the fuzzy modeling, for ordering research and to count dead individuals in wolf numbers, and to be funded by the Department of Agriculture (Erlandsson) and which uses hunters as observers (“independent research” when collaborating with the most important stakeholder organization…?) Libergs research has produced figures for the authorities who wanted to implement Pettersson's investigation.
Here is a fellow who gives Liberg hut on scientific. Liberg is registered as a research leader at GrimsöResearch coupled to LSU,andhas Viltskadecentrumsom counting on roadkill. But there is no information on Grimsös website if Libergs research or equivalent. However spoke Liberg that Hunter Association voice a year ago, and claimed that wolves are not harmed by being pushed and that in any case, 41 wolves had been shot in the hunting license.
Association Nordulv in November
JO-notified the Environmental Protection Agency to rely solely on material from Libergs research because of hunting license decision.
5) On Environmental Protection Agency took the head of the predator unit Susanne Löfgren i oktober 2010 a decision conferring protection- and hunting license decisions for certain county administrative boards. Below are excerpts from the Environmental Protection Agency press release – that one can not understand!
It should be noted also that e.g. culling decisions until 31 November was extended routine including Homnafallet by two months without any other analysis than it had been difficult to hunt without snow made, i.e. disregarding all requirements Art- and the Habitats Directive places to hunt for red-listed animals of any reason. A local police in Gavleborg led the hunt and had contacts with the County Administrative Board. At the time, he had hunting party up 40 men who hunted indiscriminately most genetically valuable wolves. He is today suspected of serious hunting offenses, something that the police's internal investigation looking at right now. However, the county administrative officer or the Environmental Protection Agency is not under investigation, despite questionable licensing. Lofgren have previously given permission to protective home via telephone without noticing that a wolf had already been killed in the same state – thus killed two wolves. She obviously has not registered itself for any misconduct and no one else seems to have the responsibility.
Lofgren took the formal decision of the year hunting license despite the fact that the European Commission had sent a letter and pointed out that it would be wise to wait. The official explanation is that the letter “no one arrived” from Brussels in time, and in fact registered the first just before Christmas when a citizen requested a copy of it from the Environmental Protection Agency, which also previously had problem med diarie- and publicity laws.
6) Erik. A. Eriksson, ( C ) from Värmland with
7) Ann-Kristine Johansson, ( S ) from Värmland, pushed through licensed hunting and the new predator management in the Environment Committee and in Parliament, and thereby infringed all the mechanisms of the opposition to the majority's view policy. Both C and S has taken a strong position against SD and the role that excludes blocks policy control, but without blinking sacrificed the country's biological diversity for unilateral hunting interests and additionally camouflaged such as “environmental policy”! Eriksson was elected to parliament on the personal qualities voices again 2010 – he delivered in other words, to the hunters who voted for him again.
8) Anders Ygeman, (S) Chairman of the Environment Committee as soon marked that he went to the Alliance and the Centre Party's line in question, and prepared en bred socialdemokratisk motionwhich basically was a copy of Åke Pettersson's investigation and its conclusions and requirements. Ygeman
also refused in February 2010 receive wolf friends who wanted to meet with him and other politicians in parliament to show another side of this issue.
9) Gunnar Gløersen, jaktvårdskonsulent for predators at Hunters Association. An active debater who considers his organization to have a sour cream to power. He has defended all the decisions that go against wolves, and such that hunters take wolf skin and balls as trophies (Commenting on the Second Opinion he meant that it is nice for the ladies to get some fur when they bear to wait for their men to do their duty in the forest – gender perspective in him is if possible older than hunting philosophy).
10) Torsten Mörner, former veterinarian from SVA and President of the Association for Hunting ago 2007. He has been a driving force in demanding ceilings for the number of wolves in Sweden and mixes fresh in politics. 2007 he demanded that Åke Pettersson would get additional directives in SOU to do a review of the maximum levels for large carnivores number and clarify the need for regional predator management. This was the then SOU:s and the whole predator policy center.

11) Lars Furuholm, predators controller at New County Administration, have been heard during the year several times in the media, where he
openly questioning both the Environmental Protection Agency and the government's decisions and policies. They have appeared together with Gløersen in articles and discussion papers. Together, the Bill and Bull – Pine Holm's actions are often very far from a government official's objective role and it is strange that his employer did not require greater professionalism in these particular officials. If someone else, for example, supervisors in the industrial environment would write opinion articles, together with those to examine would be the county administrative boards info executives fly in the roof. But the wolf issue overrides all rules. Furuholm to represent in this review several of the county administrative boards predators manager who seems to have a background in the hunting federations.
12) Maria Norrfalk, County Governor of Dalarna and hunting champions, symbolizes the
unprofessional employer, because in her role as the county administrative board's senior executive in charge (then 2009 then the boards were discontinued) has proven to unilaterally work hunting interests in the predator issue. New this week, she stuffed a motorkälksförbud in a mountain nature reserve, that hunters require it. It was “reboot” i processen.
And she has despite several remarks
refused to register under the Act threats Chasing interests against the County Administrative Board in Dalarna officials. Furthermore, she has refused to meet the wolf preserves page but the post on the county homepage pictures about their tea parties with wolf hunters (“to inform themselves”) – some registered as received agendas and protocols have not been able to procure from these calls, As a hunter has with the senior management of the county. The question is whether this is on the verge of undue influence from jägarlobbys side against the county administrative employees – for who dare to speak up when hunting big shot rub shoulders with governor. Last went “Hunting and hunters” out and demanded an apology by a county employee who did his job – and threatened to write to the governor to call up the excuse! 13) His Bostrom, an unknown, but responsible veterinärför wolf markings (today retired) who speaks extensively in hunting magazines such as “all the wolves that wander in from the East to be shot”. He has also written to all MPs and warned about östvarghotet. Although he has now suffered accidental shooting Minister Carlgren when his categorical 'no' against the Russian people because of dwarf connective worm threat is hard to go past and quarantined for six months at least required – hence there will be no implantation in our… Bostrom often cited by hunting magazines and together with representatives of the People Campaign New Predators Politics (where many want to exterminate all wolves).
14) Stefan Attefall, (KD), civilminister, responsible for municipalities, county councils and county administrative boards. Has not yet been tested in the wolf issue, but should have a responsibility as head of the six county councils that manage the delegation from the Environmental Protection Agency. Logically he should for example be responsible for the Dalarna County Administrative Board does not take threats against their employees seriously. Attefall should reasonably be also the minister responsible for municipalities that proclaims itself in time and out of season “Wolf free” – something that is currently tested in a court case. None, however, has claimed responsibility of him yet.
Furthermore, he should take a look at the appointment to the Wildlife Protection Delegations (see below) when several politicians sitting on double chairs – both as high managers of hunting associations and politicians, while hunting organizations to be represented separately.
15) Anna-Karin Hatt, ( C ) IT- and Regional Affairs, responsible for regional growth. Because ecotourism and even hunting is seen as growth industries should she have a responsibility in wolf issues. Norrland for example, has said that the bet on predator hunting and county administrative officials sells the landscape extensively on international hunting exhibitions. Questions regarding who has the right to capitalize the asset to nature (right of public access) and our predators that legally speaking, does not belong to anyone living individuals – but as the dead fall to the hunter – should be highly interesting.
16) Hunters' Association – who has had a mandate to pursue hunting and trapping in Sweden since 1938 although it is not formalized and even properly written down – and may, for this purpose about 50 million annually, of which well over 10 million used for information, However, without set specifications or quality standards (hence there will be hunting for romance and weapons Advertising…)
From Robert Franzen, Environmental Protection Agency, in his special statement against SOU:p principer2007:89
“Swedish Hunters Association's unique role in the so-called general assignment is not mentioned in the description of predator management in Ake Pettersson inquiry. Under 2007 got connected 43,43 million from the government to “lead elements of hunting and game management in Sweden”. Of these funds came 11,5 million for information. The government's mission statement stands among others. “The information will be objective. The mandate does not cover any responsibility for information regarding large carnivores.” The general mission is not regulated in any regulation. Hunters Association's general mission and that the union additionally represent a special interest means that the Federation has a special position in comparison with other interest organizations.”
17) Sven-Erik Sjölund (S) Municipal politicians who exercised if vargfri Nordanstig, a decision that probably no legal foundation was then taken by the City Council 16 February 2010. The case is now in court proceedings, the administrative decision was revoked later, but it was appealed by the centrist court of appeal.
18)A heavy consultation body is Sweden Landowners Association and its General Secretary Frederik Treschow who signed the referral to SOU 2007:89.
19) The boards' wildlife delegations – politicians who are appointed by the County Council!
As if responsibility organization was not already jumbled so we will now mix in the county! It is so that county councils (portions) designates five politicians + deputies who, together with stakeholders of the forestry sector, Agriculture, hunt, nature, Outdoors, Sami, pasture users and industry / tourism shall decide since February 2010 Decision regarding protective, number of predators that should be in the county, and corresponding authority. These decisions can not be appealed under the amendment,.
Note that the game management Delegations are no requirements for officials for biologists, genetiker, or researchers at all, nor on nature conservation representatives. “Outdoors” is a broad concept and can basically mean hunting also. Or as Maud Olofsson ( C ) put it at criticism: “Most hunters are well in the woods for camping and grilling sausages” (!). Later Andreas Carlgren used the same expression when criticism of the chaos in the licensed hunting.
In summary abuzz with all kinds of interests, except the wolf in these groups; there is everything from zero visionary People campaign, is known for really hard line against wolves in the deep Värmland Forests, to fishermen and Commerce. But no wolf researchers are involved. All decisions are therefore based on people's benefit approach and the animals are seen as raw equity rather than as a natural value in itself. Environment Minister have certainly earned the title of Minister of the Environment – rather hunting Minister, or predators capitalist.
Wildlife Protection Advisory Board are appointed for terms of three years and consists of 13 members from different areas and as many substitutes. Here are the participants ifyra wolf county wildlife delegations to give you a picture of who decides over our red-listed animals:

Södermanland: Regular members: * Björn Andersson (M), Vingaker * Karin Andersson (C), Vrena * Michaela Borg (Fp), Nykoping * Gudrun Lindvall (Mp), Valla * Svensson, Rolf (S), Torshälla * Olavi Tidefjärd, Police Authority, Eskilstuna * Elizabeth Åfors, Hunters Association, Nykoping, * Leif Carlsson, SSNC, Eskilstuna, * Ulla Lindell, Sörmlands Orienteering Federation, Stigtomta, * Kjell Larsson, LRF, Malmköping, * Johan Lewenhaupt, Ekoturismföreningen, Sparreholm, * Anders Larson, Mellanskog, Mellösa, * Tord Pettersson, Södermanland archipelago fishermen unions, Nykoping
Dalarna: Politically appointed members of the County Council: Ann Gret Olsson (S), Dala-Järna(substitute: Liv Lunde Andersson, Leksand) Viggo Nielsen (S), Borlänge (substitute: Kjell Gustafsson, Sundborn) David Örnberg, (In) Mora(substitute: Ulla Magnusson, Dala-Järna) Jonny Jones, ( C ) Councillor Rattvik(substitute: Agneta Ängsås, Enviken) Gunnel Soderberg, (M) Sollerön (substitute: Sara Lindström, Ludvika)
Police Authority: Anna-Carin Danielsson(substitute: Kent Lind) Hunting- and wildlife conservation interest: Mats Larsson, Malungsfors (substitute: Malte Sandström, Isthmus) Protection Interest: Jarl Hammarqvist, Gagnef(substitute: Kit Larsen, Rattvik)
Friluftsintresset: Barbara Frilund-Ekberg, Idre(substitute: Tord halva Arson, Falun) Owners and users of agricultural land: Martin Moraeus, Orsa (substitute: Marit Ottoson-Svensson, Dala Husby)
Local industry and tourism: Helena Back, Rattvik (substitute: Pernilla Thal, Orsa) Forestry industry: Clara Hellstrom, Falun (substitute: Lars Karlsson, Orsa)
Reindeer husbandry: Benny Jonsson, Idre (substitute: Peter Andersson, Idre) Pasture User Interest: News Gumuns, Vikarbyn (substitute: Pierre Hedlund, Sarna)
Värmland 2010-09-24 Ordinary, Substitute, Are
Ingemar Tönnberg, Lars-Ove Jansson (S) Ann-Katrin Järåsen, Anettes Sätherberg (S) Johan Larsson, Margret Bergkvist (In) Ms Segersten Larsson, Inger thighs (M)
Roland Kylén, Lennart Nilsson (C)
Håkan Eriksson, Monika Stöllman, Road safety / Illegal hunting (police) Lennart Johannesson, Hans-Bertil Granevald, Hunting – and wildlife conservation interest Jenny Broden, Hakan Eles, Protection interest Lennart Boquist, Kjell Johansson, Friluftsintresset
Ingmar Olsson Eva Nordling, Owners and users of agricultural land,
Martha Nylén-Jonsson, Ing Marie Junler, Local industry and tourism Per Fenger-Krog, Mats Eriksson, The forestry sector Sara Olsson, Krister Fransson, Commercial fishing Kerstin Elofsson, Fäbodbruket, Street Seleborg, People campaign against predatory policies
Västra Götaland
The Governor is the Chairman of wildlife management delegation.
The Advisory Board decides on the overall guideline for •· wildlife management within the county •· maintenance of elk population and where appropriate management of deer- and wild boar tribes •· licensed hunting and culling within the county •· allowances and compensation under the Wildlife Damage Regulation (2001:1724). The delegation also examines issues of accreditation of •· proposals for minimum levels of incidence avlo in the county as well alignment the occurrence of wolves. •· predator management plan for the county.

Sami sedvanemarker

SOU 2006:14

Government Offices

Refusal to protective Jamtland. Administrative 20120320

Wild Beasts conservation

Wild Beasts conservation SOU 2011:37

Members (L) and substitutes (E)

Name Are
L: Johnny Nilsson V Götalandsregionen
E: Eva Hansson V Götalandsregionen
L: Bertil Jonsson V Götalandsregionen
E: May Steen V Götalandsregionen
L: Ann Ohlsson V Götalandsregionen
E: Jan Leander V Götalandsregionen
L: Clarence Holgersson V Götalandsregionen
E: Frida Edberg V Götalandsregionen
L: Kerstin Hermansson V Götalandsregionen
E: Roger Wallentin V Götalandsregionen
L: Ann-Kristin Blomgren Police Authority
E: Goran Winqvist Police Authority
L: Göte Johansson Hunters unions in VG
E: Wincent Kvarnrud Hunters' Association
L: Barbara Sandell Naturskyddsför. and Rovdjursför.
E: Kent-Åke Gustavsson Naturskyddsför. and Rovdjursför.
L: Oskar Johansson Orienteringsrörelsen
E: Rune Andersson Friluftsfrämjandet
L: Eleonore Marcusson LRF
E: Peter Dickson M Götal Jordägareför.
L: Liselotte Nibell-Keating Västsv. Turistrådet
E: KathrineWiséhn Chamber of Commerce
L: Catherine Johnsson Forestry industry
E: Marie Hallén Forestry industry
L: Bertil Adolfsson Sv. Fishermen Riksförb.
E: Karl-Gustaf Karlsson Sv. Fishermen Riksförb.





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License Hunt. 2 jan-15 feb. 13 pieces
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Dalarna / Lövsjöreviret
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6/1. 2 He is
3/1. 2 He is + 1 only
2/1. 1 Male

hunting called off. 6 wolves shot
9/1. 1 Hanvarg +1 only
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Norway; 6 st
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Kill the wolves 2014-15

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Culling JAMTLAND & gt;
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Licensed hunting 2015
45 Wolves !!
10 wolves shot in Värmland, area 1. 28/1
14 wolves shot in Värmland, area 2. 28/1
12 +1 wolves shot in Orebro, 1/2
4 wolves shot in Dalarna, area 1. 28/1
4+1 wolves shot in the Dalarna region 2. 28/1
2 avräknade p.gr.av sakbbangrepp

Total: 45 kill wolves during the hunt t.o.m 1/2 -15

3 st. hunting suspected crime. 5, 7 January 2015

Tatalt 2014. 48 Pieces

2013 > 33 st. + 14 st. Norwegian
2012 > 56 st. (+ 5 unborn)
2011 > 40 st.
2010 > 60 st.

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