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Protest against wolf hunting in Helsinki

Opponents of hunting of wolves gathered to march in Helsinki on Wednesday. Participants opposes the management plan for wolf hunting permits in the tribal management purpose. This year they trap a maximum 29 Wolves.

Demonstrationen arrangerades av varggruppen i naturförbundet Nature League, Animal, Vega Association, Friends of the Earth and Oikeutta eläimille (animal rights). 

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“The wolves shot no hybrids”
During the hunting of wolves trial in Kokkola presented a DNA charts showing that they shot Perhovargarna are genetically very representative of the wolf.

The prosecutor suggests that this diagram overturn the defense claim that Perhovargarna would have been wolf hybrids.

– If what you say is true, we have not a single genuine wolf in Finland. It is a very hard statement, said prosecutor.

The accused are suspected of aggravated hunting violations. The prosecutor has demanded conditional imprisonment, fines and their shotguns and snowmobiles used in the hunt should be forfeited to the State.

The defense argues that the felled animals were not authentic wolves. The issue of wolf or hybrid is central to the trial at the Central Ostrobothnia District Court.

15 men accused. Wolf hunt took place in Perho in January 2013

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431170_523981717617831_1347674485_nFecebook site

League Luonto Liitto want to close the web service where you can follow how the wolves move. The union claims to have received information that the wolves wearing transmitters are being tracked and possibly shot.

According to the union, the police in North Karelia launched an inquiry into a wolf with transmitters that have been.

Would- and Fisheries Research Institute has previously announced that they will close their page for updates. It is planned to open again in the fall.

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By: Ida-Maria Björkqvist

Published 2014-02-10.

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Dead wolf found in Köyliö

In Köyliö Satakunta have a dead wolf found in an outbuilding in the village Vuorenmaa.

According to police, the wolf had no visible signs of damage. The female wolf had lost all the hair, suggesting that she would have had scabies, and then died from the cold as she was without fur.

The tracks on the site suggests that two wolves existed in the outhouse, but just a wolf come out.

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Tacit approval of poaching among hunters?

The debate about poaching erupted in earnest a few months ago when the media wrote about how poaching had wolf population to crash. Now the debate has again brought to life when a group of scientists directed accusations against hunting circles to quietly approve poaching.

Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland and the Finnish Environment Institute has examined tens of hunting crimes committed in North Karelia and Kainuu. It involves cases of poaching elk, Wolf, bear, wolverine and lynx.

Poachers are protected by hunting clubs From the material, the researchers have been able to discern 32 men who actively been involved in poaching in the 2000s. Two-thirds of these men are active hunters and some of them sit in positions of trust within the hunting clubs.

The researchers claim that poachers are protected by local hunting clubs.

Pertti Rannikko professor of environmental policy at the University of Eastern Finland and has been involved in doing research says that hunting clubs blind eye to poaching. – If hunting clubs would actively engage in poaching would decrease significantly, said Rannikko.

Provocative findings Klaus Ekman, who is Head of Communications at the Wildlife Centre says that the researchers' interpretation is provocative. – If one compares these 32 case that there are 380 000 hunter who has the right to redeem hunting license so is the number of a thousand of hunters who are out on poaching, out Ekman.

Ekman says that the debate on poaching black paint hunters' reputation. – Everything that is illegal has nothing to do with hunting. This debate is very embarrassing for the average hunter, said Ekman.

Poaching on large rodjur such as the wolf is still a sensitive issue because a large part of the Finnish population approves the.

– There seems to be a lot of people in the countryside who do not think it is criminal to illegally shoot large carnivores. This is going away, for now drawn 99,9% by the hunters who have nothing to poaching to do, into this discussion, said Ekman.

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Sign the petition. Welcome to susihukka- Expression of opinion

In recent years, the wolf debate has quite a nasty tone and dominated mainly extremist views, which create the impression that, that rural living almost in a state of fear because of the wolf. The wolf is encrypted Killings presented widely understandable hätähuutoina are, and whether even the law pending a change-oriented petition, which tends mm. to drive an automatic wolf pouring rights for all firearm permit holders situation, where the wolf is found 150m from the settlement.


Four times a displaced wolf named the wolf story is like a movie. Wolf, Finnish-Russian, as it is called because of its origin in Sweden, arrived in the Swedish reindeer herding area in late 2010. DNA isolated from the stool sample revealed, that it represented the Russian-Finnish wolf population, thus bringing much needed new gene flow in Sweden suffering from inbreeding wolf view.

A few months later the Wolf settled in the territory of the reindeer herding co Tossåsenin, and the wolf war began. Hunting license had already applied for, but because it was genetically very valuable wolf, päätti Environmental Protection Agency (NVV, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) transfer of the wolf in central Sweden far reindeer.

The transfer of the 21.3.2011. The wolf was anesthetized, samples were taken and charged with monitoring the collar. It was thought, that it would have any idea of ​​where I was when it was released in Karlskoga and Nora between the forest area. After a few days the wolf remained the same place without the knowledge of what to do. Then it went through a four-wolf's territory to the northwest Östmark close to the Norwegian border and adventurers up to date on the outskirts of Oslo. In the end, however, it left the determination to the east, and went Idre samebyn. From there, it continued its journey Härjedalen near the place, in which it was captured.

Teamed up with a lonely wolf in line with the male, and began to set up your stage Dalarnaan. An ideal and peaceful realm, however, was located in the reindeer herding area. In summer, the wolf couple spent a quiet life, and ate only a few sheep. The cases led to the felling permit applications, that the provincial government, however, refused to. Late in the autumn of wolves supplemented their diet with a few reindeer, After kaatolupia would have been difficult to refuse. Wolves decided to once again forced to move out of the way of reindeer.

At the end of a pair of wolves were transferred to Tiveden with great expectations. When the male was involved in, the transfer was thought to be successful. NVV made a big mistake, when told the public, where the wolves were released. At first, they were together, but as a result had to chase off. The wolf continued to the north, but the male chose the worst direction. Poachers killed the male of the river on the ice, jossa se hakattiin tai yliajettiin moottorikelkalla kuoliaaksi. Male transmitter collar was also found in the ice. Wolf himself continued his journey in the Jämtland in the reindeer herding area, What else do not, home.

NVV decided to once again, Now for the third time, to move alone to have been a wolf Jämtland Upplantiin. Skin irritation due to the new seurantapantaa no longer put. This third event of removal was intended to be the last. NVV promised, that wolves no longer harass, but it is allowed to live in peace. The wolf was released 6.2.2012 without seurantapantaa, and it disappeared the same unreachable from the road.

Beginning of the year 2013 The wolf was once again in the headlines. It had found himself a new wife, and they were settled in Junsele the reindeer herding area. Hunting license applications soon began again, and a male was shot from a helicopter lawfully. Only a broad popular movement got blocked female lahtaamisen. The wolf was again transferred to, for the fourth time, Norrtälje Sundsvall Province. The idea was, that it is in the direction of longer he could return to his home.

In contrast, however, it became. Välittömästi vapautuksen jälkeen Susi aloitti paluumatkansa pohjoiseen, and this time, 500 mile journey toward home lasted only two weeks. NVV is again promised, that the wolf is no longer forced to be transferred. It is, however, very dangerous to live in the reindeer herding area, where poaching is as common as in Finland.

Wolf's fate has aroused strong feelings of animal lovers, environmentalists and herders alike. The wolf has become a powerful symbol of Sweden, the prevailing long-term susikonfliktille.

The Wolf collected on behalf of the Address has so far been signed by more than 150 000 people 75 from.

Petition on behalf of the wolf-wolf

Source; Suseryhmä
By Nina Harju


Researcher: Finnish wolf fear exceptional – the rest of Europe alien phenomenon.

There are fewer wolves than in many other EU countries. Dick- and Fisheries Research Institute (Institute) Senior Researcher Ilpo crossbars about, In Spain, for example, that wolves have been around a couple of thousand, In Romania, the same amount of.

Wolves in Poland is about 500-600, while in Italy. Even in Sweden, wolves have been half as much (300) than in Finland (125-135).

Yet the fear of the wolf into a bouncing feel larger in Finland than in many other EU countries.

Crossbars says, that the fear of the wolf is in almost all other EU countries, a substantial guests.

"It does not, at least not in discussions to rise up in the same way as in Finland. Sweden is a bit the same kind of fear, but in Central Europe and Southern Europe does not exist and is not. Germany is also mainly hunters oppose wolf, because they take up a portion of their catch. "


Lue lisää 26.03.2013 Kalevasta.


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Kill the wolves 2016

Sweden; 42 pieces

Updated 2016-12-30

License Hunt. 2 jan-15 feb. 13 pieces
The hunt in Dalarna completed the 20/1-16

Dalarna / Lövsjöreviret
7/1. 1Male
6/1. 2 He is
3/1. 2 He is + 1 only
2/1. 1 Male

hunting called off. 6 wolves shot
9/1. 1 Hanvarg +1 only
8/1. 2 Mat + 1 Hanvarg
5/9. 1 Hanvarg

Norway; 6 st
Finland; 78 st (Hunting license 2016 19 st)

Kill the wolves 2014-15

Sweden; 71st
Norway; 13st
Finland; 48 st
Updated 2015-12-31
( 142 Scandinavian wolves killed this year)

Culling JAMTLAND & gt;
> 3 wolves shot, 15/2
> 1 wolf shot, 24/2
Licensed hunting 2015
45 Wolves !!
10 wolves shot in Värmland, area 1. 28/1
14 wolves shot in Värmland, area 2. 28/1
12 +1 wolves shot in Orebro, 1/2
4 wolves shot in Dalarna, area 1. 28/1
4+1 wolves shot in the Dalarna region 2. 28/1
2 avräknade p.gr.av sakbbangrepp

Total: 45 kill wolves during the hunt t.o.m 1/2 -15

3 st. hunting suspected crime. 5, 7 January 2015

Tatalt 2014. 48 Pieces

2013 > 33 st. + 14 st. Norwegian
2012 > 56 st. (+ 5 unborn)
2011 > 40 st.
2010 > 60 st.

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