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Hunter Wolf hot welcome …


District President Christa Zeuke received from the county chairman Hans-Joachim Herrmann a parting gift, the “Hunting Etiquette”. You candied not again in May. Photo: meier

… see raccoon and raccoon dog but not like in the area / Present for county president at Annual General Meeting

Tremsbüttel. The wolves come back and the hunting community sees no problem. “We have nothing against the Wolf”, said county Jägermeister Klaus Klemm: “If he comes, Is it okay.” He spoke at the well-attended annual meeting of Stormarner hunters in the copper mill Rohlfshagen. Other invaders however, are not so welcome, which is also in contrast to the wolf were previously never felt at home here.

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Wolf sightings in counties Osnabrück and Emsland - is the predator back?

Wolf seen in Tysklnd
Osnabrück / Meppen / Quakenbrück. Is he back? Was he just a short visit? Or was it just a stray dog? Wolfssichtungen in the districts of Emsland and Osnabrück can hope germinate, that the predator now in West Lower Saxony walk again, Pardon paw, summarizes.

Am 12. August 1740 expressed the sovereign Sagittarius Rolf Kramer from. And thus killed the last wolf in the old district Bersenbrück. It says so in historical sources. But now there is some evidence, that the descendants of the wolf have found their way back to the region. At least in Merzen a photo was taken from an animal, that looks quite similar to the predators.

The image went to Britta Habba, Wolf Representative in the country's hunters Lower Saxony . In recent years, she was able to announce a success message after another: the first wolf in the country. And another. And another one. And finally even the first pack. But up to the room Weser-Ems is no animal had ventured. At least it did not get caught.

Until now? Definitely Habba will not confirm, that it is in the animal in the photo to a wolf. "It could of course be a wolf, but it could also be another animal, For example, a dog ", the expert said last night at the AGM and Hege show of hunters Bersenbrück. There she showed the photo, that has made man in Merzen from the animal in question. In addition, a woman had reported, who claims to have seen a wolf in Rulle. "But even that has not been confirmed." Wolves are currently in Lower Saxony but generally "very mobile on the go". So you have to prove currently a pack as part of the so-called Wolf monitoring, among others, on the Munster Training Area, "Two parents with three puppies is traveling there".

"It could also be a dog", so the biologist. share the caution those responsible for the Wolf offices "lupus" from Saxony. In the east of the country have been a bit longer experience with the wild animals, once considered eradicated. From Eastern Europe they found their way back to Germany - and more recently in the West.

According to the Environment Ministry in Lower Saxony and Sachsen see in the photo is no "safe Wolf proof". but it is very likely, that a wolf had to be seen in the picture. What is needed, would be a so-called C1-proof . So clear proof is called for, that a wolf is on the way. About the result of a DNA analysis according to any one coat- or Kotfund. But as evidence does not yet exist in the Osnabrück region. And so it remains: In Lower Saxony there are eight proven Wolves. For such indications as from Merzen there are the C3 category, in all unconfirmed messages are summarized. In this area do fall, the messages from the Emsland, which our newspaper reached. Near Sögel and Meppen wolves were possibly been spotted. Neither Habba nor the Environment Ministry were yesterday confirm these sightings.

But the vice president of country hunters , Josef Schröer from Lingen, holds: "It is known, that young wolves leave their packs and set out on the move. Why should they of eastern Lower Saxony not strike and the Westward Expansion?“

On the part of hunters Bersenbrück it was yesterday: They welcome "EXPRESSLY the return of the wolf in the region", as Jägermeister Martin Meyer emphasized Lührmann.

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14April 2013


In the Land of wolves

In Germany, the wolves are spreading. A dream for conservationists - a nightmare for farmers

In the paddock was still just deer. Frank Stier, Farmer from Passion, the herd from the raised platform has seen exactly. a deer, a cow, a few young animals to: Black gray silhouettes well lit in Brandenburg Mondschein, 300 Meters on a snowy meadow behind the village. From time to Frank Stier shoots a deer, he has a hunting license.

The world
By Claus Christian Malzahn


– Resettlement of Junsele wolf started today

Employees of the conservation office and the state administrations of Västernorrland and Västerbotten today south caught Junsele-wolf of Åsele and anesthetized, to examine them for resettlement and to begin this. The vet has determined, that the animal has a good physical condition and is fit for transport. The weight of the she-wolf 38 kg, which is normal for the size of the animal. – When she wakes up, we start transport to resettlement place, said Magnus Kristofferson, Project manager at the Environmental Protection Agency. In a well-ventilated car, in which a separate space is a cage with, the transport takes place. The she-wolf has thereby no contact with people.

Those: Environmental Protection Agency, News, from 14.03.2013

Source; Amarok TV


Spectacular footage of the wolf

WAS GermanyA farmer sensational snapshots are managed by a wolf in prey capture in the Goms. The identity of the animal should be clarified thanks to a DNA analysis in three weeks.

he had spotted at the weekend in the early morning the animal, as farmer Klaus Garbely declared to 1815.ch. "It was still half dark: The wolf was in the immediate vicinity of my Stalls - around 50 meters. He stood with his prey there and I seized the moment, to photograph him. "His girlfriend had discovered the animal first.

Garbely set out to make his way, whether a torn animal lying on the ground. "When I turned the corner, I saw the wolf while eating his prey - then I went back to the camera to pick up. The pictures I made then to the network portal Facebook


A queasy feeling left by the encounter with the predator the farmer. "No question, I was relatively close to it on the animal. "The farmer has several cows, but do not want to dramatize the situation, as he stressed to 1815.ch.

"I called the rangers, which is then passed and the animal also still got to face. "Garbely suspected, that the animal wanted to defend its prey and therefore not cleared the field, were as people around him.

male animal

This assumption is shared by the responsible gamekeeper Hubert Blatter. He, too, has seen the animal, as he declared to 1815.ch. The wolf was indeed not have been more on place, but he had around him on the basis of the tracks 200 can track meters and discovered him finally in the upper part of the forest with his prey.

"I have first place saliva- and fecal samples taken, which now must be analyzed to determine whether it is or a new animal to those Wolf, the last fall on the airfield Ulrichen a fawn has torn. "

The results are expected in three weeks. "Based on a photo by Klaus Garbely but you can tell, that it is a male ", Blatter continued.

Sorce; 1815.ch


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Kill the wolves 2016

Sweden; 42 pieces

Updated 2016-12-30

License Hunt. 2 jan-15 feb. 13 pieces
The hunt in Dalarna completed the 20/1-16

Dalarna / Lövsjöreviret
7/1. 1Male
6/1. 2 He is
3/1. 2 He is + 1 only
2/1. 1 Male

hunting called off. 6 wolves shot
9/1. 1 Hanvarg +1 only
8/1. 2 Mat + 1 Hanvarg
5/9. 1 Hanvarg

Norway; 6 st
Finland; 78 st (Hunting license 2016 19 st)

Kill the wolves 2014-15

Sweden; 71st
Norway; 13st
Finland; 48 st
Updated 2015-12-31
( 142 Scandinavian wolves killed this year)

Culling JAMTLAND & gt;
> 3 wolves shot, 15/2
> 1 wolf shot, 24/2
Licensed hunting 2015
45 Wolves !!
10 wolves shot in Värmland, area 1. 28/1
14 wolves shot in Värmland, area 2. 28/1
12 +1 wolves shot in Orebro, 1/2
4 wolves shot in Dalarna, area 1. 28/1
4+1 wolves shot in the Dalarna region 2. 28/1
2 avräknade p.gr.av sakbbangrepp

Total: 45 kill wolves during the hunt t.o.m 1/2 -15

3 st. hunting suspected crime. 5, 7 January 2015

Tatalt 2014. 48 Pieces

2013 > 33 st. + 14 st. Norwegian
2012 > 56 st. (+ 5 unborn)
2011 > 40 st.
2010 > 60 st.

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